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- Cover the latest news and events on art, design and multimedia

- Be an outlet for students to exchange opinions and share their artworks

- Practice teamwork while improving the students' working skills

- Bring exposure to the faculty in a more active light

- Put forth ideas and suggestions instead of complaints from students

- Encourage the faculty students to be more involved and interactive

- Hold exhibitions to promote students' works

- Provide lecturers and students with a forum for cooperation

- Grow as an ongoing resource for students of Creative Multimedia

- Promoting Faculty of Creative Multimedia

- To be the speaking Voice for all FCM students

- Workshops (mini tutorials, lessons) for students by students
Entitle, the electronic magazine
Faculty of Creative Multimedia

Multimedia University

No. 01, Vol. 01
November 2009
No. 02, Vol. 01
February 2010
No. 03, Vol. 01
August 2010

No. 04, Vol. 01
October 2010
No. 05, Vol. 02
July 2011