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The Animation & Visual Effects (AFX) program was formerly known as the Film & Animationprogram. The program was established in 1997 as one of the 3 main courses under the Faculty of Media Arts and Sciences, Universiti Telekom before the faculty was re-branded as Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) in 2001, after the university established itself as Multimedia University (MMU) in 1999.

This course was designed and developed by local professionals and specialists from various backgrounds, and further developed through research and experience with the collaboration and support from the professionals in the industry. The Animation & Visual Effects program offers flexibility in fostering skills to develop creative abilities and a career in relevant 3D industries. Weaving film language, understanding of animation and visual effects techniques, while at the same time advocating creative thinking and emphasizing design values, is a major focus here.

The program is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and skills through an intensive series of courses covering a wide spectrum of digital visual media including: drawing, 2D animation fundamentals, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering and animation; visual effects shooting and compositing; digital film and video effects, and many more.Students create a series of projects throughout the program in addition to a final project, specially developed to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities to potential employers.

The program offers students flexibility in developing their creative abilities and career potentials. The academic program encompasses everything needed in order to prepare the students for a career in 3D content creation. Students graduating from the Animation & Visual Effects program will be able to offer professional level skills as 3D animators, compositing artists, 3D modelers, 3D graphics artists, and contribute to other vast areas of the industry. The program, through various student participations, has won awards locally and internationally at animation festivals throughout the world. With a strong and well established alumni body, the program also has a well-recognized local and international presence.

Yusran bin Mazalan
Specialist / Programme Coordinator – Animation & Visual Effects
Tel: 83125572 | Fax: 83125554
  • Pass Foundation / Matriculation in related field from a recognised institution*
    * Candidates from non-related field may be admitted subject to a rigorous internal assessment process; OR
  • Pass STPM / A level or its equivalent with 3 Principals inclusive of one Information and Communications Technology (ICT) subject; OR
  • Pass UEC with minimum of grade B in at least five (5) subjects inclusive of English; OR
  • Pass Diploma in the related or relevant field from a recognised institution with minimum CGPA of 2.50**
    **Candidates with CGPA below 2.50 but above 2.00 may be admitted subject to a rigorous internal assessment process.
  • English Entry Requirement for International Students:
    All programmes offered by Faculty of Creative Multimedia and Faculty of Cinematic Arts require a minimum score of 5.0 for IELTS or its equivalent.


  • Animator
  • Modeler
  • Texturer
  • Concept Artist – character and env. designer
  • Compositor
  • Screenwriter/ scriptwriter
  • Storyboard artist
  • Production designer

Founder & Executive Director of WAU Animation Sdn. Bhd.


Associate Professor, Head of Animation, Griffith Film School, QCA


Jax Deluca (USA)
Jax showed her personal experimental films in Film Study class and talked about her artistic practice. She also did a solo experimental music performance at The M.A.L.L. at FCM.

Law Gwo Yunn (Malaysia)
Gwo Yunn showed her commercial feature film KIASU in Screenwriting class. She shared her experience as the director and writer of this film, and also her involvement as producer and set designer in the commercial and indie film industry in Malaysia.

Michael Brynntrup (Germany)
Professor Brynntrup showed several short experimental films of his in Film Study class. He explained his artistic practice to create highly personal and provocative experimental films to the students.


  • Yusran Mazalan(Programme Coordinator)
  • Kok Siew Wai
  • Muhammad Ayman Jamaludin
  • Mohd. Azizul Hakim Md. Hussin
  • Ng Lynn-Sze
  • Azhar Ahmad @ Salleh
  • Dzulhafidz Dzulkifli
  • Anuar Hassan
  • Muhammad Firdaus Hashim
  • Nadia Mahmud
  • Nekhat Sultana Tarique Azam