Briefing on Majoring for Foundation Year 2013

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Recently a briefing was held for Alpha Foundation Year on the different
majors offered. Programme Coordinators of each department gave an in depth
presentation on what each programme has to offer, the subject structure,
related activities, outputs and most importantly future job scopes that
students may encounter. After each of the presentation, a series of Q&A
session was held to answer any questions by the student. Hopefully the
students have made the correct choice that may indeed change their lives
for the better. We would like the thank the presenters for their time and
passion; Mr. Khong from Interface Design, Dr. Wong from Media Arts, Mr.
Ayman from Animation and Visual Effects, Mr. Mazlan from Virtual Reality,
Dr. Azman and Mr. Fauzan from Advertising Design, and Dr. Nico and Ms.
Edina from Cinematic Arts.