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This group focuses on the technical aspects of producing computer graphics art. The tools and techniques of CG art change constantly, due to ever-changing technology, computer hardware, updated software features, art trends and industry practices – this will be our place to share & advance our knowledge and skills, as well as to stay on top of things.

We aim to explore the tools, techniques and potential use of various forms of computer graphics art.


  • To conduct research and work on projects, experiments, publications or any kind of activities related to CG-related art of various mediums.
  • To work with other parties [other SIGs, institutions, research groups or industry partners) which are involved with CG art-based art products (ie. assisting in providing content, testing out new technology or software).
  • To provide a conducive, active and flexible environment for people who are interested in researching this particular area of CG art, where people with different backgrounds and training can share their knowledge, expertise and working techniques with others.
  • To publish artwork and animations for festivals and competitions, which would earn the group members publication points, as well as strengthening the university’s reputation of having capable and talented artists as their teaching staff.