As a university level Research COE (Centre of Excellence), i-knowmedia centre will serve as the University’s focal point for R&D and education in creative media arts, culture & heritage, knowledge management, and ubiquitous lifelong learning.

MMU & i-knowmedia COE Vision:

  • To be a Top 100 University in Asia with Global Recognition by 2022
  • To be a National level Research COE for innovation in the areas of creative content, multimedia, knowledge management and lifelong learning with National and Global Recognition.

UCOE in MMU R&D Management Structure:


Roles of UCOE:

  • Main driver for priority research areas of the university
  • Multi-discipline and/or inter-faculty research
  • Substantial external funding
  • Collaboration with top 500 universities
  • Collaboration with industries
  • Publication in high impact journals and international conferences
  • Participation in international student/staff exchange
  • Coaching faculty members in research matters, e.g. technical support, paper publication, proposal writing, etc.
  • Postgraduate supervision, e.g. GRA, MyBrain
  • Research related activities, e.g. workshop, seminar, conference
  • Consultation/training
  • IP creation
  • Promoting UCOE, e.g. exhibition, awards

UCOE Linkage and Roles compared other Special Interest Groups (SIG) and research centres in the university:


Areas of research: