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The rapid technology development with the variety of human need demanding an assistive consumer products with fast, accurate and simple. It requires a different approach to the process of product development for the consumer. Our approach is to focus on the users as a main. For us user is everything, will determine the future product in terms of functionality, technology use, design style and product category.

We also emphasizing the effective interaction between user and product to ensure the consumers and product features and are interacted with the technology used. The elements of user interaction such as usability, user experience, multi-modal interaction, ergonomic and user cantered design will be emphasized in product development studies in this program. The new product features required practicality, innovative, comfort, secure, simple, competitive and meet consumer needs.

Today’s product development process has no longer dependent on a form or engineering based approach. New product development involves different disciplines such as information technology, user psychology, engineering, health etc. Here we implement the digital approach on product development process at all levels including the use of 3D printer for rapid prototyping and model making, digital sketch for an idea development, 3D modelling for final design analysis, virtual reality for product presentation (for function, usage and technical specification). This approach are in line with industry needs as all of the academic people has vast experience in industry.

In this program we adapt the user feedback for the final prototype purposely to analyse the effectiveness of the new design to the target user. Each final design will be patented to protect the students’ rights beside for commercialization purposes. Therefore through all this multi angle values we believes the student will fit enough to enter the real working environment. The objectives of this programme are:

  1. To develop independent, creative content and industrial designers, with the ability to identify problems and provide solutions.
  2. To produce technically competent industrial designers with strong fundamental understanding and ability to adapt to user-centred design processes and production workflow.
  3. To cultivate enterprising graduates with the ability to create competitive Intellectual Property to stimulate growth of the industry.
Zainudin Bin Siran
Lecturer / Programme Coordinator – Interface Design
Tel: 83127562 | Fax: 83125554

Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad


Professor, Schoool of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Zainudin Siran (Programme Coordinator)
  • Nazirah Mat Sin
  • Mohd Bostami Ahmad
  • Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Pauzi