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Our labs and studios are fun and exciting spaces where students are pushed to meet the challenges of the future. Students are encouraged to experiment with an array of electronic hardware and software devices to hone their own creativity.

Design Studios


A conducive workplace for students to enhance their creative thinking skills and carry out design projects and assignments.

Graphic Labs


PCs equipped here have the capability to develop high-resolution computer graphic images, thus installed with professional graphic and image editing software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Freehand and Macromedia Fireworks. The PCs are also linked to the internet and intranet.

Media Arts Living Lab


Media Arts Living Laboratory (MALL) is an infrastructure, research concept, experimental and experience gallery. MALL function as a meeting place of researchers on multidisciplinary field (media, art, technology, interaction design etc) and also a studio space for media arts students and staff in exploration of new media technology and experiential learning.

Set and Background Studio


A physical studio with blue screen and motion capture facilities for a virtual studio set-up.

Modelling Labs


This is where students create complex 3D objects using high-end computers and tools such as 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Maya and Softimage.

Animation Labs


These labs contain specialised facilities comprising of hardware and software intended for high-end 3D animation purposes.

Rapid Prototyping Labs


The Rapid Prototyping Labs consist of Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilities to produce prototype designs and mock-ups for interface design concepts.

Video Labs


Post production video labs also available in the faculty for high-end non-linear editing.

Audio Labs


These labs are used for creating and editing digital sound and are equipped with Workstations with leading audio software tools.



Virtual Reality Lab


Digital Imaging Lab