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  • Master of Science (MSc.) in Creative Multimedia
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Creative Multimedia)

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  • Master of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies) – MeL
  • Master of Knowledge Management (with Multimedia) – MKM
Master of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies) – MeL
Students undertaking this course will discover the possibilities of new technologies for innovative learning and become familiar with the structures, functions and dynamics of a variety of e-learning systems.

Programme Objective
To develop experts in an e-Learning environment as an effective force in education and training, having the capability of developing multimedia and Internet-based Instructional Design to meet individual learner needs and core learning goals.

Benefit of the Programme
The course provides students with integration of skills and knowledge in various area including multimedia, instructional theory and models, design and creativity and project management. The course also provides students with a teaching and learning approaches that could enhance students’ self-confidence, motivation, problem solving skills and communication skills. Thus students who are pursuing this course has the opportunity to develop both academic and personal skills.

Aims of the Programme
Master of Multimedia (E-learning Technologies) aims at equipping students with skills and knowledge increative content creation and development of interactive multimedia applications to serve the need of the nation in e-learning development.



  1. Prof. Dr. Neo Mai
  2. Prof. Dr. Neo Tse Kian
  3. Dr. Hew Soon Hin
  4. Dr. Azman Bidin
  5. Tenku Putri Norishah
  6. Wong Chui Yin
  7. Dr. Khong Chee Weng
  8. Dr. Tee Sim Hui
  9. Nazirah Mat Sin
  10. Helena Song
  11. Azmawati
  12. Heidi Tan Yeen-Ju
  13. Natalya Rudina Shamsuar
  14. Dr. Forest Lim
  15. Dr. Wong Chee Onn
  16. Juhanita Jiman
  17. Nor Alley Zulkafly



Programme Structure
In this knowledge based economy and society, knowledge workers are one of the most important assets for most companies and industries. With this realization, Master of Knowledge Management with Multimedia in Multimedia University has been carefully designed to equip current and future employees on the process of knowledge discovery and creation of knowledge, dissemination of knowledge and the utilization of knowledge.

Benefit of the Programme
Graduates of this course will be able to further their current career opportunities as well as possessing knowledge and skills for knowledge manager, information officer, KM project manager and etc.

Aims of the Programme
Master of Knowledge Management with Multimedia aims at equipping students with skills of managing knowledge to serve the need of the nation especially in this knowledge based economy era.