‘21st Century Living through Computing and Creativity’ – ICICM’13

The Advanced Informatics School of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia together with Multimedia University’s Faculty of Creative Multimedia have combined expertise to bring together the disciplines of informatics and creative multimedia. The conference organised is ICICM’13 (The International Conference of Informatics and Creative Multimedia 2013) held at UTM, Jalan Semarak, 3-6 September, 2013. A total of more than 100 participants (including school students) joined the conference.

Using the theme of the ‘21st Century Living through Computing and Creativity’, UTM AIS and MMU FCM’s conference and exhibition showcases the latest trends in research and industry practices to illustrate how creativity has become an essential corner piece in the building blocks of today’s fast and rapidly changing digital world.
The aim of the conference is to showcase current research in the fields of computing and creative domains as well as to participate in knowledge sharing with peers from around the world.

To facilitate in the propagation of new knowledge, the conference provides different avenues for works in both the computing as well as creative fields. This allows participants to better appreciate the connection that lies between informatics and creativity. The following is the group photograph of the conference.

Read more, here is the conference website.