A Talk by Michaela Busse

Faculty of Creative Multimedia will be organizing a talk by Michaela Büsse, titled “Analysing Design through the Lens of Human-Material Entanglements” on Thursday, 2nd January 2020, at FCM Meeting Room A, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, from 2pm onwards. Admission is free and all are invited. Please fill up this form to reserve your seat.

Michaela Büsse is coming from Switzerland. You can also view her recent interview here: https://www.fiber-space.nl/news/cotvn_interview1/

Her Research Topic:
Analysing design through the lens of human-material entanglements

In her ongoing PhD research, Michaela Büsse is analysing design through the lens of human-material relationships, specifically through those unfolding around sand. Sand is one of the five resources with the highest global demand being in the centre stage of political, economic and ecological warfare. In the form of quartz and silica it is essential to the technological infrastructures shaping our everyday life; as cement and steel it acts as the literal building block of modernity; in the form of land mass it demarcates the poor and the rich—those who mine and export land and those who import and ‘recover’. By applying an interscalar perspective her work registers the various entanglements between different bodies and sand: from the mine worker to the engineer; from those who lost their home because of erosion as a consequence of heavy dredging to those enjoying a newly renaturalised beach; from the granular nature of the material to geological rifts caused by large-scale infrastructure design. The manifold of life worlds, places and temporalities become part of the same planetary design project: the denaturalisation of matter into material and thus the internalisation of ‘nature’ into the logics of capital. Transformation of sand violently reorganises both organic and non-organic life into the generic form of global design—from Rotterdam to Singapore, artificial land is strategic land housing container ports, petrochemical industries, entertainment and business units. In her lecture Michaela will outline how the speculative material practice of land reclamation plays out in the contexts of the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Michaela Büsse is a design researcher and editor. Her interest spans design cultures, anthropology and human geography. Her practice is research-led ranging from text to film and installations to workshops. Currently, Michaela is a PhD candidate at the Critical Media Lab in Basel where she analyses design through the lens of human-material entanglements.