A visit from ADNI International Islamic School, Ampang

Students from ADNI International Islamic School, Ampang, came for a visit to the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) on the 3rd of September. The faculty prepared several workshops for the students, as an opportunity to introduce them to the techniques and styles of creating short narratives. The students were divided into three groups, to attend the different workshops conducted, such as the ‘Stop Animation and Storytelling Technique Workshop’, ‘GIF Animation Workshop’ and Editorial Design Workshop’. The facilitators of the workshops were staff members and the students from the Advertising Design programme.

The Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) welcomes all schools to visit us with open arms, in our effort to encourage the young generation to pursue their studies in the Creative Multimedia field. We hope that with this, we are able to continuously produce talented individuals in the creative industry.

Below are examples of the students’ artwork, not bad right?