FCM CSR March 2019: Our True Colors. Arts & Mural Painting Project

Date: 3rd March 2019
Venue: Gulam Hussain Ayaz Learning Center, No.43, Jalan 6, Taman Cheras Prima, 43000 Kajang Selangor
Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Organised by: Our True Colors (Al Hasan Volunteer Network)
Collaborator: FCM, MMU
Participants: FCM lecturers, 30+ volunteers from Belia Harmoni Serdang

On 3rd of March 2019, around 50 volunteers came together to express their artistic side by painting murals at a refugee learning center. Most of the volunteers being from UPM Belia Harmoni, whom had also joined a program by them before while the other percentage included other volunteers who are familiar to Our True Colours and also those who were reached out by family or friends.

The CSR mural painting, is an event that is collaborated with Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University that were also sponsors and hosted by Al-Hasan Volunteer Network. Murals were painted all around the learning center for Pakistani refugees. The students of the learning center ranges from the age of 5 to 13 years old. The teachers on the other hand ranges from full time educators to some refugees from Pakistan whom all have their own background but are willing to participate to teach the children.

First started in November 2016, Our True Colours project aim to help charity schools, social schools and learning centers to beautify their classes as an effort to improve learning experiences of the students. Founder of Al-Hasan Volunteer Network and Our True Colous, Mr. Hasan Al Akraa, was inspired to start the project during his trip to a refugee school in Sentul. The place as he described, was dirty and dark when he went inside.

“The school did not feel like school but more like a prison” said Mr. Hasan.

From there he invited his friends to volunteer and help the school by painting the classes and did murals with elements like trees, animals and cartoon characters, specifically SpongeBob. The next day when the students came to school the look on their faces was priceless.

“They seemed more motivated and happier as if their souls came again. They became children again,” the founder said.

When asked about their hopes for upcoming projects, the founder said that they hope to collaborate more and that more people can join and experience art. They are not looking for professionals but are looking for passion, as long as your passionate that you are most welcome to join.

The manager, Mrs. Emiliza, continued by stating that for people who do join as volunteers get to make new friends, gain new experiences and help give to the needy. For schools that join, they hope that the kids can expose more about the projects to their families so that one day the project will become a family friendly activity.