FCM Logo Contest 2013

It’s time to unleash your creativity!

Dear students, ex students (alumni) and staff of FCM,

It is the time to revive and renew our almost 8 years old FCM logo.

Everyone is welcome to contribute new ideas and designs for the logo. Logo submissions will be uploaded to our FCM Alumni Facebook for voting. The most liked and voted submissions will be in the running to be chosen as the new FCM logo to be displayed in FCM official website, promotional items and FCM alumni FB for years to come. Top logo submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges before a final decision is made.

Certificate of Recognition and a Token of Appreciation will be given to the winner.

Rules and regulations:

1. All submitted work must be original and not based on pre-existing design.

2. The logo need to contain the abbreviation of the faculty name: FCM

3. Submitted in the following format: .jpeg (file size should not be more than 2Mb) Dimension: 800×600 (Only the winner need to submit the native file once notified)

4. The logo should use the color(s) shown below:

i. white =R:255, G:255, B:255

ii. Orange = R:235, G:125, B:17

iii. Green =R:51,G171,B:102

iv. Blue= R:17 , G:4, B:187

5. All Logo submission should include the following particulars:

  • a) Full Name:
  • b) Student/Staff ID No:
  • c) Facebook id:
  • d) Year joined – study/work in FCM:
  • e) Contact no./Hp no. :


All submission should be sent to:  fcmadvertorial@gmail.com. – Before 15th. April 2013

All selected Logos will be uploaded to FCM Alumni Facebook for voting on: 16th. April 2013

Voting close on: 5th May 2013

Winner will be notified latest by 10th May 2013, to submit the native file

Further enquiries; please contact the Advertorial Committee at fcmadvertorial@gmail.com