FCM Staff featured in raaga.my : Malaysian Star Of The Month

Allow us to introduce you to Vimala Perumal. Hailing from Sungai Petani, she’s a mother, a Multimedia University lecturer, and a director that has delivered many funny and great stories within the Malaysian Indian cinema industry.

Her film career began with Chalanggai, a feature film that depicts Indian community life in Malaysia. It that has won her accolades from the Hubert Bals Fund of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, and The Seed Grant from the National Geographic All Roads Film Project.

Additionally, her debut short film was among the top 60 in the world which was screened at 30th Busan Int. Film Festival, Mumbai Third Eye Film Festival and etc. A year later, she directed her feature film title Vilaiyaatu Pasangge. What’s more, she is the first female director with PhD in Malaysia besides Allahyarham Tan Sri Dr. Jin Shamsuddin.

Following the success, Vimala went on to release Vetti Pasanga two years later, which would go on to become one of her best works. Besides picking up two international awards, it also scored the highest box office collection compared to other Malaysian Tamil movies under the Wajib Tayang Scheme, and was the first Tamil movie on Astro First.

Last year, the mother-of-two graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy from University Putra Malaysia, and continues to pave the way for Tamil movie female directors in Malaysia.

Find out what wise words the inspirational woman has to share when we caught up with her recently:

How do you manage family and work?

My parents are definitely the ultimate blessing. I’m very fortunate because my parents are there for my children. Therefore, I can work peacefully. However, I will make sure that I leave office at 6pm to be with my kids. One thing I realise that work can never finish. We have to keep working. So, we had to put a break to it and continue it the next day. Sometimes, I had to work late night due to some deadlines, but I need my kids next to me when I’m on bed.

Personally, what life goal are you working on next?

Preparing my children for the future. It’s too challenging nowadays.

Pertaining to work, I’m definitely blessed because I’m working as a senior lecturer at Multimedia University where I teach what I practice as a filmmaker.

What exciting plans do you have for the Malaysian Tamil movie industry?

Our film industry is growing now. Many films are getting release this year. It’s a very good sign. My current film “VEDIGUNDU PASANGGE” is at final stage of post-Production. We hope to release the movie on 26th July 2018. I would like to thank all the beautiful souls who had stood by us till the end of the production.

As a successful woman, what advice would you like to share with all the young mothers reading this?

I’m still striving to be a good mother, a wife, a daughter, an academician and a filmmaker. I don’t see all these roles as a job or responsibilities but I just love doing it. I love what I’m doing, and I’m doing what I love. If we do something out of love, nothing can stop us from moving forward. Also, if behind every successful man, there is a woman… I would proudly say that behind my success, there’s definitely a man (my husband, my dad & my brothers).

Source: https://raaga.my/trending/malaysian-star-of-the-month/may-2018