Dr. Che Zulkhairi Abdullah Designs ‘Payung Kehidupan’ to Help Flood Victims

FCM is proud to have Dr. Che Zulkhairi Abdullah featured in prominent local news portals for his brilliant design of a tent called ‘Payung Kehidupan’ to aid flood victims.

With his expertise and creativity, Dr. Che Zulkhairi Abdullah produced an easy-to-assemble tent at a much lower cost to be used as a temporary residence for flood victims. Dr Che Zulkhairi Abdullah was inspired to produce a tent named “Payung Kehidupan” after a flood disaster hit the state on the east coast recently. He said that at a cost of as low as RM50 to RM100, his compact tent with the size of 3,048 meters x 3,048 meters, can accommodate two adults and one child, can be assembled within about an hour.

“After the floods have recede, flood victims who return to their homes need to get shelters, especially when their houses were damaged or washed away. So this easy-to-built tents are ideal for temporary residences in their damaged home site.

“Lego game concept tents can be built in a variety of sizes and can be expanded or added rooms, porchs, baths and toilets as needed from time to time by adding building materials,” he told Bernama when contacted.

Graduated from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Che Zulkhairi, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, said the “Payung Kehidupan” also took into account the aspects of hygiene and safety of the occupants.