Adam Mat Hasiri

22 years old, from Shah Alam, but currently living in Sepang. He joined Multimedia University in 2018 after he finished his O-level in 2017. He joined the foundation programme and continued his Bachelor Degree of Advertising Design in 2019.

Growing up, Adam had an interest in aviation and photography. He loves to travel and take photos during his free time. Besides that, he will go to the airport, just to see aircrafts land and takeoff.

He is an expert in photography, photo editing & manipulation and he can beatbox quite well. He learnt it all from experience and tutorials since he was 13 years old.
Adam had done a number of freelance jobs as a photographer, videographer and graphic designer. In the future, he aims to travel around the world and take magnificent pictures, probably flying with his dream aircrafts sometimes.


Back in Time is a campaign to encourage people to explore, learn and experience western historical culture, Old West. This may increase the audience’s appreciation towards the culture. This campaign promotes the concept of time traveling to the past, specifically 1863.