Nur Alya Muhamad Rafiz

22 years old, she was born in Johor Bahru and currently she lives in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. After she graduated from her high school at Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah in Johor Bahru, she joined Multimedia University in 2018 for her Foundation in Creative Multimedia programme and continued her study for Degree in Bachelor of Advertising Design in 2019. Since she was a kid, Alya loves to take photos of her journey whenever she’s free or going for holiday with her family. As growing up, Alya finds her passion or interest in photography to the next level which is editing the photos that she takes as her hobby. Other than that, taking videos is also one of her interests and she’s really into video editing as she finds that seems an interesting thing to do during her free time. Other than that, She is also into illustration and graphic design lately even though drawing is not her expertise but she’s trying to practice more as it can add on her skills for her performances. She is more passionate and expert in photography, photo and video editing. Moreover, graphic design and illustration are on her bucket list to sharpen her technical skills. Alya had an experience in joining a logo creation contest outside of university in her foundation year and her logo had been chosen as the winner and the logo became the official logo for the school event every year. Other than that, Alya also had experience in giving a mini tutor about video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro to several people. She also had done a bunch of photoshoots for some occasions and photo & video editing like wedding day, graduation day etc.


Reminiscence Of Adrenaline Rush is a campaign to convince people to go back to visit Laketown Waterpark as the waterpark has been updated with more fun and exciting slides. It also promotes the thrilling slides and has them experience the adrenaline rush moment riding the thrilling slides in Laketown Waterpark.