Asila Amal Zuhdi Mahalli Zuhdi

“You’re a bright student, and you want to pursue a career in design?” “How far can a Graphic Designer go?, “Is the pay good?” were the exact words hurled at an 18-year-old girl as soon as she expressed her intention to pursue a creative design degree.

Asila Amal, better known as Amal, was born and raised in Ipoh, Perak. She is highly passionate and is continually seeking her next goal with the unwavering certainty that she will achieve it no matter what anyone says to her.

To say that design is her passion is an understatement. She was always fascinated by the design concepts behind the visuals around her, from the packaging design on cereal boxes to the typography in magazines. Even in school, she has always overseen making posters and magazines.

Fast forward to 2020, she started taking freelance jobs and even ventured into AR Filters. Since then, she has worked for over ten local brands. She spends hours a day doing what seemed fun to her, and it did not feel like work at all. For Amal, hard work is always involved no matter what the job is. You can’t cut and paste good design; you’ll be preparing unique things daily and that’s the special part that she enjoys most in her design career.


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