Amgad Mohammed Alawadhi

25 years old, he is from Yemen, and currently living in Malaysia. His first visit was in 2016 when he started his diploma in graphic design at Limkokwing university, in 2018 he graduated from diploma, and worked as graphic designer in a small industry for three months. In 2019 he decided to continue his studies at multimedia university in advertising design.

Amgad finds indoor photography is the most interesting process in branding. Evolving, during his studies Amgad had a good relationship with other students and he found what makes him enjoy working on adobe illustrator and photoshop, and mostly he loves indoor photography sessions.

Experiencing a variety of creativity had made him discover the things he does best, in indoor photography. He had freelance work with multiple restaurants in food indoor photography, menu, brochure designs.


“Reliving it” is a campaign that satisfies consumers to seek new adventures and experience the thrill once again with their loved ones, relive the adventure they used to have when they were younger, and step out of their weekly routine.