Deanne Tee Xiang Yee

22 years old and was born in a small city located in Kelantan. She studied in a private secondary school before enrolling at MMU in 2019, where she majored in Advertising Design. If she were to describe herself, she would say she is someone who enjoys experimenting with new styles in her design and outfits, as well as varied hobbies and interests, particularly outdoor sports.

Deanne is interested in photography the most. She began with flat-lay photography and then expanded her knowledge on it. Throughout the years, she has taken portraits, product shots, landscapes and more. Besides, she’s passionate to learn new design skills, such as illustration, animation, 3D designs and so on, in order to broaden her knowledge in the design field.

The huge passion Deanne has for photography has driven her to experience a lot on different types of photography and videography as well.
Deanne has been a freelance graphic designer and photographer specialising in product photography for the past year. She has also joined a group of dedicated people who have begun to construct their own NFTs this year in order to stay up with the trend and learn more about the digital world.


Leap Out Step Out is a campaign to encourage the public – specifically young adults – who have never tried adventurous activities before to take their first step and leap out from their fears towards adventurous activities.