Dizrieana Izrin Badrulzaman

Johor Bahru based Dizrieana Izrin, or also known as “Dizrie” by peers, is a 22-year-old  emerging artist and designer. One word she would use to describe herself is most definitely “curious”. 

She is constantly inspired by the world around her, and is keen in exploring various forms of self-expression. In her practice, she often refers to her past experiences and conversations with people that surround her, all in an effort to hone a deeper understanding of human experiences and create artworks reflecting them.

One of her goals in the creative process is to be able to merge her love of art and design. A not-so-fun-more-random fact about her is that she’s oddly drawn to the colour blue, and doesn’t really have a clue.

Dizrie has had the opportunity to exhibit some of her artworks in Pesta Kechill Rantai Art Exhibition, KL, Artspress Yourself Exhibition, Cyberjaya in 2019, and more recently this year, PinkTank Collective’s Masa / Massa: Di Hujung Digital Exhibition in Penang. She also had the pleasure of working with Komii Jersey Enterprise as a freelance designer for about 3 years now. Meanwhile, she still loves making time to work on some personal passion projects and commissions through her online persona ‘kacangkecik’.


Now You Sea Me is a virtual campaign where people can learn how the animals are being taken care of in Aquaria through online booking sessions via their website. This creates a deeper connection between us and the animals especially during the covid-19 pandemic.