Eddie Goh Jian Hao

22 years old, currently a university student. Born in Klang, he currently lives in Kuala Langat, Selangor. After finishing SPM in 2017, he joined Multimedia University in 2018. He joined the foundation programme in Creative Multimedia before pursuing a degree in Advertising Design 2019.

Ever since he was little, Eddie has had an interest in automobiles and music. He likes discovering and learning about cars from books and video games. As a music lover, he loves listening to music at all times.

Owing to his interest in cars, Eddie loves drawing cars in high school. This has led to one of his drawings being featured in the school yearbook. Eventually, he developed an interest in graphic design, with the goal to seek his own direction.

To explore new opportunities, Eddie has lent a hand to friends and families with tasks relating to graphic design. He seeks to gain more knowledge and experience to expand his area of expertise.


Re:Creation is a campaign that aims to change the perception of younger audiences towards camera museums. The campaign also focuses on the importance of hobbies for youths besides promoting the tourism industry of Penang.