Bazrah Hanin Khaled Ghazi

24 years old, a girl from Yemen. She starts at MMU university with a Foundation in Creative Multimedia that guide her to enter advertising design. Since she was in high school she loves drawing. Hanin is a girl that love taking photos, learning types of Arabic and English calligraphy, and currently releases that she is obsessed with most types of sports leading her release that she loves challenges. She enjoys designing and learn new skills. She loves learning motion graphics on after effects. She is an expert on nature photography, she is good at illustration, motion graphics, editing video, and photography. Hanin has worked as a freelance for some of her friends and relatives. Works as a logo designer, table tag, event photographer. Currently, she is learning English and Arabic digital calligraphy which aims to be an expert on it. She is looking forward to being an expert on motion graphics.


Memo Friends is a campaign to create awareness about the water pet that has long lived and how to take care of it – This encourages kids and parents to have water pets and teaches them how to take care of their water pet.