22 years old, from Sarawak and currently staying in Cyberjaya. He joined Multimedia University in 2018 after graduating from high school in 2017. He took the foundation programme in Creative Multimedia and pursued his Bachelor Degree of Advertising Design in 2019.

Growing up in a small town in Sarawak, Ijaz is intrigued by many things around him and strives to be good at everything he sets his heart too. Capturing beautiful memories in pictures and videos through the lens of the camera has always been his thing to do during his free time. He also enjoys editing and adding his own personal flair to them.

Not to toot his own horn, but he pretty much can do most of the stuff he works on due to his strong willpower and determination. Ijaz believes that anyone can succeed in whatever things they are doing as long as maximum efforts are put in. As for his creative skill, see and judge for yourself. With the motto of “ Dreams do come true to those who really wants it ”, he aims to be successful in future even though he still has no idea yet at the moment on exactly what he wants to be in the creative field.


Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park: Ninja Conqueror is a campaign about encouraging the audiences to step out of their comfort zones to experience the adrenaline rush games together with their acquaintances. It is a combination of a few extreme games from the Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park itself and some basic ninja courses such as jumping, swinging and running.