Natashia Ivy anak Debby

22 years old girl from Sarawak. She is currently a MMU University advertising design student. She is neither outgoing or introverted. She is observant and detail-oriented.

Ivy has developed a strong interest in photography, and hopes to be able to experiment with many techniques without fear of failure. She enjoys doing graphic design and loves capturing beautiful moments in time. Apart from her profession, she loves baking.

Ivy has strong drawing skills and loves to draw human portraits. She adores doing small business while communicating with different types of people.

Along her art journey, she had drawn mural paintings in her hometown, commissioned portraits paintings, and quite a number of commissions for graphic design.


Go Wild Go Camp is a campaign that repurposes Zoo Melaka as a new punch-in location. The campaign will be using the fact that teens adore camping and outgoing to attract more young visitors, as zoos are frequently thought of as a perfect place for only families.