Qiestina Aqiela Mohammad Za’ed

Born in KL and currently living in Shah Alam, Qiestina also known widely as “Qies” by friends, An observer who uses illustrations to convey stories and snippets of life, sensitive to the emotions and beauty that flow in our environment. Over the years, she has always been fascinated towards concept arts in movies or animation. How other’s expressed themselves and tell conceptual stories through art. When she’s not making art, you will catch her playing her favourite video games. Side note, she has an immense attraction towards cats (particularly obsessed with Pusheen The Cat). Interested in becoming a multidisciplinary artist one day though jokingly calls herself as a “baby artist”as there’s always something new for her to learn. On other occassions, you will find her experimenting variety of art styles as she strives to find her own unique style one day just like her creative peers. She enjoys whatever she is creating, the audience could connect to it’s message. Throughout the years, Qies has done a few number of freelance and personal projects, recently having been contributed to a local zine. No matter how big and small the project is; she always appreciates how others could see her potential


The Wild City is a timeline event campaign in conjunction with World Wildlife Day by CITIES that hosts several engaging, fun and educational activities to educate about wildlife to children.