Shu Yu, aka Shelly, is a petite lady from Kapar, Selangor. In her opinion, everything always has room for betterment, no matter it’s her designs, skills or life. Shelly is always interested in exploring new skills and software, to name a few, there are logo design, poster design, motion graphics, web design and 3D modelling. Amongst all of the design fields, Shelly finds herself putting most of her time in branding, especially logo design. While Shelly acknowledges there is still room for improvement, she is confident in brand design. Creating modern-looking, minimalist and cohesive visual design for a brand or advertising campaign is something that comes naturally to her. In her uni life, Shelly is constantly seeking opportunities to expand her comfort zone. She was the Director of Creativity and Information Division of MMU Chinese Language Society 22nd CNY Extravaganza back in 2018, Part-time Multimedia Designer for an entertainment company, VP Entertainment in 2020, and Creative Intern at an e-commerce company, Limitless Technology in 2021. While all of that happening, she has been running her freelance design business, Shelly Creates, since 2020 till present days, providing logo, graphic and web design services for more than 20 local and international brands.


Getaway Plan is a campaign to promote ESCAPE Penang as a solution for the working adults, especially young parents, who are struggling with working from home and taking care of their child, by encouraging them to take a break and escape from life’s “cage”.