Suresh Kumar Arumugam

27 years old this year. I was born in Kuala Lumpur and currently living in Subang Jaya. He completed foundation in 2017 and continued his Bachelor Degree in Advertising Degree. Film making, designing and photography are his main passions. His hobbies and interests are always circulated under films,designs and photography. Besides that, when it comes to advertising he always wants to be the main idea person behind awareness or campaign based projects. Maybe one day he will be directing a good quality film under his own banner. Suresh is skilled in photography, graphic designing, video editing. He has been working with rising local event photography and videography teams and also doing freelance event photography. Suresh has been a freelance photographer and graphic designer with expertise in product photography, event photography and graphic designing works for some small time business companies.


The Unsung Heroes is an awareness campaign that focuses on remembering the importance of efforts and sacrifices made by our local unsung heroes. This awareness campaign of our local unsung war heroes targeted to young generation.