Viishaan Rajan

22 year old proud Johorean. He is a passionate cinephile and a thrill seeker. He is currently majoring in Advertising Design at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. He is never a textbook-ish person, he is rather known as street smart than book smart.

Since young he has had a strong interest in film. His interest in film slowly grew in filmmaking and designing. His expertise is basically on video editing and photography. He had worked hard in learning and improving till he was able to acquire the said expertise.

He has vast experience in photography as he is a freelance wedding photographer. Apart from that, he also has experience in designing for corporate businesses as he is a freelance designer as well. He has always valued the learning experience that he got from each task he is assigned to.


THE 80’s is a horror themed VR campaign. The peak of horror culture reached in the 80’s because they were fun and exciting. However, this campaign will bring back the 80’s horror culture with the infusion of Virtual Reality where through this combination it will give people a fun and scary experience.