23 years old coming all the way from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. He completed his foundation in 2017 and proceeded to pursue the Advertising Design course. Growing up he’s very passionate about drawing and building up structures as he was very much inspired by his mother as she is an architect in Brunei. During his free time, he loves collecting physical records/ CDs following his dad’s footsteps when he was younger. His expertise mainly focuses on sound designing and also creating environmental media as it is considered to be his bread & butter for the past couple of years. Over the years he’s experienced working at a local Bruneian architect firm rendering out floor plans and also had previous experience at making coffee as a barista.


WONDER-REKA is a campaign where we incorporate a more structured theme toward the overall look of Jerudong Park Playground. Not only that, it is also an act of revitalization as a large part of the Playground is considered to be a dead zone. Changing the perspective of how the locals and outsiders view it.