Young You Qi

22 years old girl born in Kelantan but lives in Terengganu. She joined Multimedia University in 2018 starting from the foundation programme and continued her Bachelor Degree of Advertising Design in 2019 until now. Photography and videography are two of her passions. She believes that photography and videography are the best ways to record a moment in time that she will remember and treasure in the future. She is experienced in photography however she hopes to improve more on different skills not only in photography but also other design skills. She is currently working as a full time designer in a small company since 2020 and sometimes did some freelance jobs as a photographer, videographer and graphic designer.


Passion Show is a public service announcement campaign to promote National Textile Museum and embrace young local fashion designers at the same time. The mission behind this PSA campaign is to organize a fashion show using batik pattern textile designed by the young local fashion designers.