Master of Multimedia (Digital Learning) (By Coursework)

(R3/482/7/0125) 11/28 (A4344)

Students undertaking this course will discover the possibilities of new technologies for innovative learning and become familiar with the structures, functions and dynamics of a variety of e-learning systems. Objective of the programme is to develop experts in an e-Learning environment as an effective force in education and training, having the capability of developing multimedia and Internet-based Instructional Design to meet individual learner needs and core learning goals.

Programme Duration:

  • Full-Time: 1 – 3 years
  • Part-Time: 2- 5 years


PEO01 – Educational Technologists who have in-depth knowledge to compare and integrate advanced practices in the field of Creative Multimedia Technology.

PEO02 – Educational Technologists who can adapt to issues and challenges in leading, interacting and communicating with peers and stakeholders to ensure ethical practices.

PEO03 – Educational Technologists who can manage a wide range of digital technologies to provide creative solutions for the industry.

PEO04 – Educational Technologists who are able to continuously adapt necessary entrepreneur skills to organize resources and successfully advance their careers in the creative industry.

PLO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive Skills
Integrate advanced and multi-disciplinary knowledge related to practices and issues in Digital Learning Technology.

PLO02 – Cognitive, Practical & Digital Skills
Create, conceive ideation and digital innovation for the advancement of knowledge in the practice areas of Digital Learning Technology; with maintained objectivity for new ideas.

PLO03 – Knowledge & Understanding, Practical & Numeracy Skills
Adapt advanced skills in research, and research methodology; in documentation, description, appraisals, and empirical analysis of
evidence and problems.

PLO04 – Cognitive, Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Create, construct, communicate and interact with ideas that are at the forefront of their area of specialisation.

PLO05 – Cognitive & Practical Skills
Design and promote innovative portfolio, practice or research incorporating socio-cultural issues and industry needs through appropriate Digital Learning Technology approach.

PLO06 – Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Ethics & Professionalism
Demonstrate interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills with a commitment to professional and ethical practices in delivering innovative or creative services and/or conducting exploratory research.

PLO07 – Digital & Numeracy Skills
Proficient use of digital technology and other applied technologies and numeracy skill applications to enhance study, research, work and/or practices.

PLO08 – Personal & Entrepreneurial Skills
Demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development for academic and career advancement and entrepreneurial mindset in the applications of Digital Learning Technology.

MDL Staff Guru Sifu Sensei