Diploma in Creative Multimedia

(N/213/4/0351) 07/24 (MQA/PSA12396)

The programme focuses on nurturing creative mindset and the ability to solve design problems through creative conventions; the ability to empower key visual components and practical processes in solving complex communication issues; as well as establish creative design innovations which purposes translated into entertainment, advertising, online media, motion graphics and multimedia application provided to a range of industry needs. Creative Multimedia programme is designed based on contemporary digital media trend, covers a wide spectrum of digital media technical modules ranging from computer graphics, digital imaging, videography and interactive media.


  • To develop independent, innovative content designers, with the ability to identify problems and provide solutions for the creative industries.
  • To produce technically competent content designers with strong fundamental understanding and ability to adapt to any creative production workflow.
  • To cultivate enterprising graduates with the ability to create competitive Intellectual Property to stimulate growth of the creative industry.


  • Acquire and apply design principles
  • Acquire the technical competence in areas of Creative Multimedia
  • Adhere to guidance and directions with minimum supervision
  • Integrate professionalism and commitment while working collaboratively
  • Able to communicate effectively through presentation skills
  • Able to solve technical problems innovatively through exploration
  • Committed and motivated to self-development within the content industry
  • Be an enterprising multimedia content designer


  • New Media artist, UX/UI Interface designer
  • Real-time event designer, Online media designer
  • Projection Mapping artist
  • Concept Artist, Visualiser
  • Multimedia Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designers
  • Layout Artists
  • Videographer, Video Editor, Video Compositor
  • 2D Animators, 3D Animators, Modelers, Storyboard artists
  • Art Director, Creative Director , CG Supervisor
  • Effects Designer, Environment Designer
  • Video Game Animator, Video Game Artist, Visual Effects Artist
  • Entrepreneur, Illustrators, Photographer


Dzulhafidz Dzulkifli

Head of Department

Badrolhisham Hashim

Programme Coordinator

Erwin Abd Jabbar


Siti Iradah Ismail


Fajrul Norman Rashid


Teo Chin Hao

Assistant Lecturer

Nurul Aini Mohamad Nordan

Assistant Lecturer

Farzura Azreen Abdul Saip

Assistant Lecturer

Syakira Anis Sabrudin

Assistant Lecturer

Ahmad Danial Ahmad Rizal

Assistant Lecturer

Nordiana Ludin

Assistant Lecturer

Ahmad Nazim Muhammad Zaki

Assistant Lecturer

Mohamad Sharizal Masli

Assistant Lecturer

Mohd Ikhwan Mohd Marzuki

Assistant Lecturer