Free Workshops

SEDAxMMU Online Workshop Poster Making

Date: 25 September 2021
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Trainer: Anasuha Binti Suhairi


  • Sketchbook(any size)
  • Drawing materials (pen, pencil, colour pencil, marker or any suitable material)
  • Any Digital software (for those who prefer digital medium)

To equip the students with the fundamentals of art and its understanding for poster design arrangements.


  • The understanding of Art Element, principal, Visual and text arrangements.
    Relation between emotion and subject.
  • The symbolism in design.
  • Good ‘text’ selection & arrangements for better design. (Basic)
  • Exercise during the session. (Method : Google slide/drive folder/power point/other).

SEDAxMMU Online Workshop Video Challenge Creation

Date: 25 September 2021
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Trainer: Ahmad Danial Bin Ahmad Rizal

MindMup 2.0

To establish the underlying understanding of video making to communicate ideas and deliver messages.


  • Types of videos, video format and resolution.
  • Breaking down video references into idea, mood, pacing, music and overall concept.
  • Brainstorming ideas based on topic (Mind map).


SEDAxMMU Online Workshop Tricks and Tools for Poster Making

Date: 26 September 2021
Time: 10am-12noon
Trainer: Khairun Niza Binti Mohammad Radzi

Image or other material that shall be used in poster and Canva App (must be downloaded before the workshop in-session).

To provide the students with information, understanding as well as using cool tricks on how to design using ready-available apps and assisting them to complete their competition poster design.

Providing students with simple design solutions using Canva App, where the students can explore and learn through good samples of design provided. Tricks to creating great design using appropriate tools like:

  • Using the RIGHT visual/image/representation.
  • Choosing the RIGHT fonts.
  • Designing layout.
  • Matching/Picking colors (filter).
  • Coming out with creative ways to give impact to student’s poster.

SEDAxMMU Online Workshop Tricks and Tools for Video Creation

Date: 26 September 2021
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Trainer: Ahmad Nazim Bin Muhammad Zaki

Davinci Resolve

Learning a video editing software and creating a simple short video production.

Preparing assets in the video editing software (footage, sound effects, music).
Cutting and arranging video to create simple story video production.
Color correction and color grading to give mood to the video.
Rending the final video in correct resolution and format.

Participate in the workshops of designing poster & video!