Seven things you need to know about Alang Ariff Aqil!

Alang Ariff Aqil or better known as “Alang” has recently represented Malaysia in the 19th ASEAN University Games in Myanmar last December 2018. The archery game took place at Wunnatheikdi Archery Field where Alang and other 36 young athletes in various other games managed to bring home a gold medal for the country. This is of course an achievement among other successes he had throughout his participation in the archery. Let’s find out how he juggles his passion for the sport and being a student altogether, and few extra things you might not know about him..yet! Here are seven things you need to know about Alang Ariff Aqil:

1. How did you pick up archery as your career?

Starting archery was just a random choice for me back then when I was in primary school in standard 5. It was in the year 2009 when I first started archery. I joined the archery club in Keramat, Kuala Lumpur as just a weekend sport since I didn’t play any other sports in school. A weekend sport became a serious thing when I started joining tournaments and representing my school, then the state, and now representing Malaysia. Before I joined the national team, I competed in Sukma for 3 times which was in the year 2012, 2014 and 2016. After I finished the 2016 Sukma, I was called to join the national team.

2. Who are your role models?

My seniors are my role model. I look up to them most of the time. World Champions such as Kim Jongho (Korea), Reo Wilde (USA) and Braden Gallenthein (USA) are also my role model but having a role model that is close to me is easier. I can compete and learn from them to improve.

3. What are the best and worst memories you’ve had as a sportsman?

My worst memory as a sportsman is when I was not selected to represent Malaysia to Seagames KL 2017. I was ranked 5th out of 5th in the team. Around one year later that worst memory turned out to be the best memory I had so far as a sportsman because it gave me time to improve and practice, then I was given the opportunity to represented Malaysia at The Asian Games and brought back the bronze medal from team event.

4. How do you cope with your studies with your tight practice and games?

Catching up with my studies while maintaining my performance in the sport I love is not an easy task. Even since secondary school, my schedule was tight. There was no free time to enjoy. Life as a student and an athlete is totally different, you kinda have no life. Schedule became even worse when I started university. Having to maintain my performance and my GPA is a survival. Fortunately, I made an excellent choice by choosing Multimedia University (MMU). Understanding lecturers made my lessons easier since I can have a little bit flexible schedule compared to my classmates but my schedule is still tight. When there’s no class, there’s training, when there’s no training, there’s class. There is sure no time to hang out when my night is filled with assignments. Extension that was given by lecturers really helped a lot. Although, I did lose one or two lessons along the journey but as I mentioned earlier, it’s more about surviving through and it’s not easy.

5. Do you have a hobby besides archery?

My other hobby besides archery is photography. Becoming a professional photographer is my second dream. My first one is becoming a world champion. (Check out some of Alang’s photos he shared – they look awesome!)

6. What is your favorite movie and why?

I have a list of movies that I like to watch but I’m gonna go with “LEE CHONG WEI” by Dato Lee Chong Wei, its my favorite. It’s a bit cliche for me to choose that movie since I’m an athlete myself but there’s so much about the movie that I can relate in to my real life. The hardships that he went through, his financial problems, his parent’s sacrifices, I can relate so much to that movie!

7. What is your message to those who would like to pick up sport seriously while studying?

My advice for them who would like to take sports seriously, ATTITUDE is everything. Before starting on focusing on your skills, focus on your attitude. A great athlete is a person who takes everything seriously, in his attitude, training, study, recovery, everything. Balance your study and your sports. Don’t just focus on one side since you do not know what will happen in the future. Always have a backup plan.

Thank you very much Alang for your time, it’s truly a pleasure to have you sharing with us your thoughts and congratulations again on your gold medal at the 19th ASEAN University Games in Myanmar recently. Hope this article would inspire many of us to pursue our passion and dream, telling us anything is possible as long as we put our heart to it. All the best to you Alang from all of us in Faculty of Creative Multimedia.