Talk: Media Art and Design Research in Taiwan

Nobuo TAKAMORI received his Bachelor degree from the Department of Information  Communication majoring in Digital Media Design in Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan. He has an MA degree from the Department of Applied Art at National Chiao Tung University, majoring in Visual Communication, where he joined the Interdisciplinary Digital Media Art program and the Empirical Aesthetic study program.

Be at the MALL from 930am to 1230pm, Thursday 27th July 2012.

He is currently in his 4th year of PhD study with National Chiao Tung University, focusing on curation theory and art theory. Meanwhile, he also teaches Cultural Studies at the National Taipei University of the Arts for, and Media Design & Media Marketing at Yuan Zee University

For his talk at FCM, Takamori will be speaking on the development of New-Media Art projects in Taiwan.