The Faculty Curriculum & Syllabus Review (CSR) and Visit by External Examiners

A CSR is usually held for every academic session. Recently, on May 28 – 29, 2013, one CSR was conducted to obtain constructive feedback from the faculty panel of advisors and external examiners of faculty academic programmes. The Industry Advisors attended are Mr. Sylvain Vanderhaegen, Chief Designer, Pensonic Holdings Group – the Interface Design industrial advisor, and Ms. Suzy Sulaiman, Director, DAMS Interactive Sdn. Bhd, – the Media Arts Industrial Advisor. The two examiners who were present during the two days review session were Prof. Adrian David Cheok, the examiner for the Virtual Reality Programme and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruslan bin Abdul Rahim for the Advertising Design programme. Prof Ong Duu Sheng, Vice President Academic (VPA) was also invited to join the exit meeting session. The panel members will write a report which will assist the faculty to further improve the programmes after this examination.

The examiners and industrial advisors participated in these sessions, which include presentations by academic staff on specific subjects from each programme. The final session was an exit meeting during which all academic staff, together with the external examiners and industrial advisors, further discussed the outcomes of the CSR.

After the CSR, on 30th and 31st May, Prof. Adrian Cheok shared with the university community, faculty members and students about his research group, research projects, and his experience on publishing in high impact journals

For more info about Prof Adrian’s research, here are the links:

Other useful research links which he shared during his talk to postgraduate students are as follows: