VR Oddysey: VR students show off virtual reality projects

‘VR Oddysey’ was organised for the students to showcase their projects to the public by the faculty. It was two-day days event starting from 11th until 12th January 2019. With its theme, ‘Cyberfunct’ was filled with many activities including VR student showcases, games competition and collaborative VR games experience in MMU Cyberjaya campus recently. For the showcase, few projects were selected from their second-year students. Many of the projects comprised of social and educational elements whereby the students were encouraged to create VR projects for telling the message as well as to train the player.

Many of the projects had social and educational elements, the lecturer asked the students to think about VR and AR beyond just traditional gaming or entertainment applications. They encourage students to create VR projects for telling the message, stories and to train player. Adnan and Caleb, the FCM students recreated the battlefield in British Malaya in VR as itreflects upon the heroic story of Leftenan Adnan who fought Japanese Occupation during World War II in 1942. It embeds a player in historical national events where Malay Regiment fighting is a sobering and touching experience.

A total of 6 final year projects was exhibited during the event. The public also had given an opportunity to try out the VR product which has been developed over the past several months. The students learned to develop the product using 3D max software and programming in Unity3D. The final output was presented using the HTC Vive for VR and some of them chose augmented reality as their final output. Augmented reality adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. Students developed augmented and mixed reality projects such as AR photobooth where people can take photo together with the virtual characters.