Hasnul Fadhli

Another successful alumni of Multimedia University, met Hasnul Fadhli bin Mohd Shafie. Graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Virtual Reality, he is a senior 3D artist working with Metamosaic, a company known globally for their expertise in CG media and 3D architectural visualization in the design and property industry. Mr. Hasnul’ interest and expertise in architecture visualization leads to the establishment of his very own company, MELTED, which specialised in exterior and interior CGI artworks.

For further information about Mr. Hasnul’ professional works, check out the MELTED website at www.wearemelted.com and explore more about architectural visualization at www.metamosaic.com.

Doesn’t matter where you’re standing now, your shine is our inspiration. Thank you, your years at FCM makes you a part of our honorable alumni community.