Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Media Arts (MA)

(R/214/6/0098) 06/19 (A10481)

This three-year Media Arts programme emphasises the creation of new forms of communication art enabled by computing technologies. The programme offers an inter/multidisciplinary approach to media creation that fosters individual exploration, experimentation and creative technologies practice. The word ‘media’ relates to mediums of communication; while ‘art’ emphasises the use of these mediums to create, express and challenge. The programme foregrounds experimental media creation and the results emerge in interactive systems, websites, games, installations, galleries, performances and sometimes public spaces. We strive to create socially and culturally relevant objects, experiences and spaces.

Career Prospects: Creative Technologist, New Media Artist, Event / Gallery Curator, DJ/VJ, Multimedia Designer, New Media Innovators & Media Scientist, Visual Artist & Designer, Media Engineer.

MA Staff Guru Sifu Sensei