Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Advertising Design (MAD)

(R/214/6/0097) 06/19 (A10483)

Advertising Design is a three-year degree programme that creates creative advertising content creators. Students are trained to master persuasive communication through design and multimedia applications. This programme emphasizes on the understanding of branding, positioning, advertising strategy, media application and product solution. The creative process and final artwork are given great emphasis in developing students’ skills and abilities to excel in this field. We aim to develop graduates who are able to harness their intellectual capabilities in developing creative ideas in advertising, and are technically capable in developing those ideas into working output.

Career Prospects: Art Director, Designer, Manager in publications, corporate and communication departments, advertising agencies, design houses, production houses, retail; or Manager, Designer, Art Director for film, animation, music production houses and broadcast agencies; or Manager of art, design, branding for retail, entrepreneurs, product designs; or Manager, Designer for advertising related activities for small businesses; online, print, exhibition, outdoor, web advertising

MAD Staff Guru Sifu Sensei