// Venture into any areas for the improvement of knowledge and skills in the field of creative multimedia. //

Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Multimedia)

(R2/213/8/0227) 07/27 (A0694)

Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) focuses on research areas covering topics in Design & Creativity, Animation & Visual Effects, Advertising Design, Virtual Reality, Video, Film Production & Cinematography, Interface Design & Product Design, Media Arts, Multimedia Learning & E-learning, Interaction Design, Sound and Music, Visual Communications & Graphic Design, and Media, Culture & Humanities. FCM is also interested to venture into other areas for the improvement of knowledge and skills in the field of creative multimedia. 

Programme Duration:

  • Full-Time: Min. 3 years, Max. 5 years
  • Part-Time: Min. 4 years, Max. 7 years


PEO01 – Graduates who can verify and create solutions to issues with in-depth and state-of-the-art research in the field of Creative Multimedia Technology.

PEO02 – Graduates who can explicate issues in the areas of Creative Multimedia Technology in order to confidently lead and engage the stakeholders to ensure ethical research.

PEO03 – Graduates who are able to design and create novel solutions by leveraging on research and current digital technologies related to creative industry.

PEO04 – Graduates that become an advocate for life-long learning and support entrepreneurship in enhancing the profession and industry.

PLO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive Skills
Incorporate multi-disciplinary and advanced knowledge through a systematic judgement with an in-depth understanding of the field of study.

PLO02 – Cognitive & Practical Skills
Using advanced scholastic, critical academic inquiry and assessment, and practises expertise in their fields of study to expand the body of knowledge through autonomous and original ideas.

PLO03 – Cognitive, Practical & Numeracy Skills
Generating new concepts, hypotheses, methods, goods, or advanced practises and empirical analysis, through the conduct critical research, assessment, and synthesis.

PLO04 – Interpersonal, Communication & Digital Skills
Utilising the appropriate use of emerging technology including digital platforms, to communicate and engage with academic and industry towards collaborative research findings.

PLO05 – Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Personal Skills, Ethics & Professionalism)
Demonstrate exemplary managerial, autonomy, and leadership abilities, as well as a dedication to technical and ethical standards, in the delivery of innovative or creative content.

PLO06 – Personal & Entrepreneurial Skills
Advocate continuing professional development for academic and career advancement and entrepreneurial mindset in the applications in digital creative content.

Postgraduate by Research Staff Guru Sifu Sensei