Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Interface Design (ID)

(R2/214/6/0122) 04/25 (A11438)

This three-year programme emphasises the effective interaction between user and product to ensure the consumers and product features are integrated with the technology used. The elements of user interaction such as usability, user experience, screen design, ergonomic and user-centered design will be emphasised in product development studies where the digital approach is implemented across all levels. This includes the use of 3D printing for rapid prototyping and model making, digital sketching for an idea development, 3D modelling for final design analysis, and virtual reality for product presentation (for function, usage and technical specification).

Career Prospects: Designer for product design, furniture design, transport design, 3D Object-based Designer, Interface Designer, UI/UX Designer, Academician

ID's PEOs & PLOs

PEO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive

Analyse and relate broad knowledge of Creative Multimedia Technology concepts and principles to practices incorporating technical skills in relevant fields

PEO02 – Interpersonal, Communication, Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Ethics & Professionalism

Commit to take responsibility in leading and deliver assigned tasks when leading, interacting and communicating with peers and stakeholders while ensuring ethical practices.

PEO03 – Practical, Digital, Numeracy

Demonstrate technical competency in the innovative and creative use of digital technology and apply numerical techniques in Creative Multimedia Technology.

PEO04 – Personal & Entrepreneurial

Commit to life-long learning and exhibit entrepreneurial skills for academic and career advancement in relevant industries.

PLO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive, Numeracy
Analyse and apply broad knowledge and skills including the use of numeracy techniques in Interface Design effectively for innovative practices.

PLO02 – Cognitive, Practical
Critically analyse historical, contextual, conceptual theories, and ethical judgement in Interface Design practice.

PLO03 – Cognitive, Practical, Digital
Create and conceive ideation and innovation for the practise areas of Interface Design

PLO04 – Interpersonal, Communication
Articulate and communicate ideas and concepts comprehensively in visual, written and oral engagements.

PLO05 – Practical, Digital, Numeracy
Execute design concepts and cost analysis through the use of digital and other technologies for effective delivery.

PLO06 – Cognitive, Practical
Construct Interface Design content, through reflectivity, reviews and evaluations.

PLO07 – Interpersonal, Communication
Demonstrate commitment when communicating and interacting with experts, peers, clients, superiors and society under work and organisational related environment for the development of Interface Design content

PLO08 – Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Ethics & Professionalism
Demonstrate commitment in leadership and accountability and a commitment to professional and ethical practices including adherence to legal requirements and organisational functions.

PLO09 – Personal & Entrepreneurial
Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning for academic and career development and entrepreneurial mindset in the applications of Interface Design

ID Staff Guru Sifu Sensei