Foundation in Creative Multimedia

(R3/010/3/0158) 12/28 (A9392)

The role of this one-year Foundation Programme (Pre-University/Alpha) is to provide suitable ground and basic skills in analogue (sketching, drawing, painting) and digital, basic computer graphics application and media production technique. Design Theories and application of Critical Thinking methods occur throughout the three trimesters in all of the subjects, including Design, Drawing, Photography, Computer Graphics, Humanities and English. Elements and Principles of Design are emphasised in the 2D, 3D and 4D design projects.

Foundation's PEOs & PLOs

PEO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive

Explain concepts, theories, and principles in Creative Multimedia Technology

PEO02 – Digital

Source and process data using appropriate Creative Multimedia digital/technology applications

PEO03 – Practical, Digital

Analyse and apply information to solve problems in Creative Multimedia Technology.

PEO04 – Personal & Entrepreneurial, Communication

Develop skills for lifelong learning and communication in responsible ways.

PLO01 – Knowledge & Understanding

Utilise facts to describe and discuss concepts, principles, and processes in creative multimedia technology

PLO02 – Cognitive

Apply fundamental principles in the field of study to identify and solve problems

PLO03 – Practical

Conduct academic activities such as collect, analyse, organise, and process data/information to make conclusions individually or in groups

PLO04 РCommunication 

Communicate effectively orally and in writing

PLO05 РDigital 

Utilise basic digital technology applications to seek and process data related to creative multimedia technology

PLO06 – Personal & Entrepreneurial

Search, interpret, and use relevant information to pursue lifelong learning independently.

Foundation Staff Guru Sifu Sensei