Diploma in 3D Modelling & Animation (DMA)

(R/213/4/0005) 05/27 (MQA/SWA8497)

This two-and-a-half-year programme is a university-industry collaboration programme. It focuses on knowledge and skills development that integrates academic studies with an extensive mixture of creative 3D animation tools and new media technology. The syllabus is designed to enable students to complete 3D animation projects that showcase their skills and create a professional portfolio.

Career Prospects: 3D Animator, Storyboard Artist, Lighting & Rendering Artist, Compositor, Layout Artist, FX Artist, Production Designer, 3D Artist, Graphic Designer, 3D Game Designer, Video Editor, Sound Designer, Digital Artist, Mobile App Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Motion Capture Artist


PEO01- Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive

Discuss and apply relevant and related principles and concepts while demonstrating technical skills in Creative Multimedia Technology.

PEO02 – Interpersonal, Communication, Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Ethics & Professionalism

Cooperate positively in leading, interacting and communicating with peers and stakeholders while conforming to ethical practices

PEO03 – Practical, Digital, Numeracy

Operate with innovation and creativity, relevant and related digital technology together with the necessary numerical techniques in Creative Multimedia Technology.

PEO04 – Personal & Entrepreneurial

Respond to the need for lifelong learning and entrepreneurship skills for successful career development.



PLO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive, Numeracy

Discuss and apply relevant and related knowledge including numeracy skills in 3D Modelling & Animation

PLO02 – Cognitive, Practical

Apply design knowledge and practices in content creation.

PLO03 – Practical, Interpersonal, Communication

Demonstrate responsibility to articulate, communicate, interact and document workflow with peers, clients, superiors and society.

PLO04 – Communication 

Comprehend and communicate multimedia / visual literacy in 3D Modelling & Animation

PLO05 – Digital, Numeracy

Manage and execute content creation with digital technology applications

PLO06 – Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Ethics & Professionalism

Demonstrate commitment in leadership with professional and ethical practices including adherence to legal requirements and organisational functions.

PLO07 – Personal & Entrepreneurial

Demonstrate lifelong learning initiatives for academic and career development and entrepreneurial mindset in the applications of 3D Modelling & Animation

DMA Staff Guru Sifu Sensei

Students Work

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