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Yes, of course. We have opportunity for you to experience a more interesting learning journey with;


Mobility: Any mobility or student exchange opportunities will be announced through the bulletin board and our social media channels.

We understand that each student have different needs and problems, we offer counselling and advise through our capable staff:

Should you need to defer your studies, please do email to our Academic Managers at: with regards to defer and Leave of Absence (LOA)

When it is pertinent to dropping subjects, please consult with the Academic Managers:
or view the Faculty Handbook, page 9

We welcome all queries and questions through these channels: 

Every student has access to the Camsys, MMLS with your Student Email Address, all your class schedules, academic information and personal information is available in the system.

At the beginning of the semester, it is crucial for you to find your subject coordinator and your virtual classroom arrangement in MMLS. Your virtual classroom link will be provided by your subject coordinator. Do check your student email and MMLS often to check on updates.

The procedures and processes of your virtual classroom with labs and tutorial sessions will be explained by your Subject Coordinators.

Your course information is available in MMLS, detailing your course topics and schedule, kindly check MMLS or your Google Classroom for updates and information.

To return to your home country, please contact Malaysian Immigration for updates and procedures.

Internship arrangement will be announced and can be discussed with the appointed Internship Coordinator of your programme.

FCM Depot provides a few equipment that can be loaned to students. Please check on the inventory list and request for loan here:

You can browse through list of academicians in MMU through this link: MMU Expert

No, you do not need to go through interview for application and admission process. However interview might be needed if you do not fulfill the entry requirement for the programme you are applying, or if further clarification is required of your proposal for PG by research programme application.

You can learn more about postgraduate admission process here: 

It will depends on the programme that you want to apply. NO, if you are applying for coursework based postgraduate programme. YES if you are applying for research based postgraduate programme.

You can learn more about postgraduate admission process here: 

Finance department will still charge the Tuition Fees if you withdraw your studies after Week 2 of the semester (if you have registered for the subject in that semester).

You need to pay your tuition fees before the examination week (if you have examination for that semester) or before you register for the next semester’s subjects.

Know more about the payment methods here: Finance Info

If you are having difficulties with your emotional and mental wellbeing, please do not hesitate to connect:

FCM will continue with online learning for all intakes until further notice from MOHE

Yes, but virtually only. You may contact our administrative staff through these channels:

Yes, but with some conditions:

Only these categories of students are permitted to enter the campus at the moment:

  • Students of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that require practical, laboratory, studios, workshops and special equipment
  • Students who do not have conducive environment and access to the internet to attend their online classes
  • Foundation and Diploma students who are already on campus can pursue hybrid learning
  • Existing and new international students except from the United Kingdom
  • Students with special needs (OKU)
  • Students who are sitting for the Malaysia University English Test (MUET), international and professional bodies

At the moment all exams are conducted online. Please refer to your Subject Coordinator for further information.

Yes, your attendance is being recorded and you can view it on Camsys.

Please report your COVID-19 status to your subject coordinator or your programme coordinator.

YES. Please refer to our return-to-campus policies by visiting
To request for an approval letter to travel back to campus, please write to

FCM Depot provides a few equipment that can be borrowed by the students. Please check on the inventory list and request for loan here: