// Venture into any areas for the improvement of knowledge and skills in the field of creative multimedia. //

Master of Creative Multimedia (By Coursework)

(N/213/7/0325) 02/25 (MQA/PSA13433)

This Masters programme in Creative Multimedia is designed to provide the best expertise in both University research and Industry practice with which to gain the skills needed for a future in the rapidly growing multimedia sector. It addresses the relationship between theory and practice in researching and developing creative content in the digital platform. The programme focuses on the design, content provision and creative authoring of interactive digital media (multimedia) products, services and new media artworks. Combining both practice-based and theory-based learning, the programme addresses how new digital tools, emerging technologies and social platforms are central to the production and distribution of all media genres and information formats.

Programme Duration:

  • Full-Time: Min. 1 year, Max. 3 years
  • Part-Time: Min. 2 years, Max. 5 years


PEO01 – Creative practitioners who has in-depth knowledge to compare and integrate advanced practises in the field of Creative Multimedia Technology;

PEO02 – Creative practitioners who are adaptable to issues and challenges in leading, interacting and communicating with peers and stakeholders to ensure ethical practices;

PEO03 – Creative practitioners who are capable of managing a wide range of digital technologies to provide creative solutions for the industry;

PEO04 – Creative practitioners that continuously learn to adapt the necessary entrepreneur skills in order to organize resources and lead a successful career advancement in the creative industries.

PLO01 – Knowledge & Understanding, Cognitive Skills
Integrate advanced and multi-disciplinary knowledge related to practices and issues in Creative Multimedia Technology.

PLO02 – Cognitive, Practical & Digital Skills
Create, conceive ideation and digital innovation for the advancement of knowledge in the practice areas of Creative Multimedia Technology; with maintained objectivity for new ideas.

PLO03 – Knowledge & Understanding, Practical & Numeracy Skills
Adapt advanced skills in practice-based and research methodology; in documentation, description, appraisals, and empirical analysis of evidence and problems.

PLO04 – Cognitive, Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Create, construct, communicate and interact with ideas that are at the forefront of their area of specialisation.

PLO05 – Cognitive & Practical Skills
Design and promote innovative portfolio, practice or research incorporating socio-cultural issues and industry needs through appropriate Creative Multimedia Technology approach.

PLO06 – Leadership, Autonomy & Responsibility, Ethics & Professionalism
Demonstrate interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills with a commitment to professional and ethical practices in delivering innovative or creative services and/or conducting exploratory research.

PLO07 – Digital & Numeracy Skills
Proficient use of digital technology and other applied technologies and numeracy skill applications to enhance study, research,
work and/or practices.

PLO08 – Personal & Entrepreneurial Skills
Demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development for academic and career advancement and entrepreneurial
mindset in the applications of Creative Multimedia Technology.

MCM Staff Guru Sifu Sensei