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(R/010/3/0158) 12/18 (A9392)

The role of this one-year Foundation Programme (Pre-University/Alpha) is to provide suitable ground and basic skills in analogue (sketching, drawing, painting) and digital, basic computer graphics application and media production technique. Design Theories and application of Critical Thinking methods occur throughout the three trimesters in all of the subjects, including Design, Drawing, Photography, Computer Graphics, Humanities and English. Elements and Principles of Design are emphasised in the 2D, 3D and 4D design projects.


Humanities; is a non-degree awarding department in Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM). It serves to support all departments with conceptual understanding about media and related issues. Subjects offered include Media Appreciation, Creative Studies, Media Aesthetic, Media & Culture, and Media Anthropology. All subjects are core and are spread over the FCM curriculum. At the heart of the Creative Multimedia Humanities are the thinking and the dimension of creativity.

Aware of the importance and the crucial aspect of it, these principle elements are expected to be nurtured in students. We believe they contribute to personal fulfillment and professional development. All of these principle elements are skewered together through creative and inventive activities that enable students to apply their knowledge, skills and attitude in a realistic context of creative multimedia. Personalized learning and flexible content too has been built into Creative Multimedia Humanities’ modules to make this idiom possible.

  • Pass SPM / O-level or its equivalent with minimum of grade C in at least five (5) subjects, inclusive of Mathematics and English; OR
  • Pass UEC with minimum of grade B in at least four (4) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English; OR
  • Other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government.
  • English Entry Requirement for International Students:
    All programmes offered by Faculty of Creative Multimedia and Faculty of Cinematic Arts require a minimum score of 5.0 for IELTS or its equivalent.



Visual Research & Communication
Dr. Vimala Perumal
Sri Kusumawati Mohd. Daud
Elyna Amir Sharji
Ramlan Mohd. Saad
Abdul Halim b. Ahmad

Che Ahmad Azhar Fadzil
Rose Linda Zainal Abidin
Aliff Afiq Mohd Anuar

Hanafiah Waiman
Mastura Abd. Rahman

  • Ability to acquire and apply Foundation theories and practices.
  • Acquisition of technical competence in specialized areas of Foundation.
  • Recognising the importance of sustainability and efficiency in design and development of creative Foundation.
  • Ability to communicate effectively through presentation skills.
  • Ability to solve problems innovatively through research, insights and experimentation.
  • Ability to be an enterprising creative content designer whilst managing resources effectively.
  • Integrate professionalism, commitment and nurturing open minds for collaborative work.
  • Adhere to social, cultural, global and ethical responsibilities in the Foundation.


  • To develop independent, innovative {majoring] content designers with the ability to identify problems and provide solutions for the creative industries.
  • To produce technically competent {majoring} content designers with strong fundamental understanding and ability to adapt to any creative production workflow.
  • To cultivate enterprising graduates with the ability to create competitive Intellectual Property to stimulate growth of the creative industry.