Muhammad Amir Hakim Raslan

Meet Muhammad Amir Hakim Bin Raslan, our recent addition to the MMU alumni who graduated with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Animation and Visual Effects class of 2018. His involvement in the broadcasting and entertainment industry started when he joined Primeworks Studios Sdn. Bhd., a sister company of Media Prima Berhad (MPB) as Production Assistant. Later on, in his career, Mr. Amir Hakim managed to land a job at SAYS.com as a video editor, before getting promoted to Senior Video Editor at REV Media Group. At this moment, he is very much enjoying his full-time job as a video editor as he said it allows him do all the things he loves the most – videography, video editing and visual effects. All the best to Amir and may he continue to produce amazing contents!

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