Muhammad Asyraf Roslin

Meet Muhammad Asyraf bin Roslin, a recent graduate of Multimedia University class of 2018 with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Media Arts. A Malaccan boy with a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship who decided to venture himself into the business industry by opening a café at Tampin, Melaka. As the co-owner of Hide or Out Café & Space, not only is he involved in managing the cafe but he is also the designer in charge of marketing and promotion. Besides the cafe, he also manages a company called Strategic Fire Safety which is known for supplying fire safety equipment. Our faculty has managed to produce many successful entrepreneurs and everything that our students learn during their study at FCM makes them well equipped with skills and knowledge to run a business.

Regardless of what you studied, when you graduated, or where your path has taken you, your years at FCM makes you a part of our honorable alumni community.